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Mother Tongue Language Department

Mother Tongue Language Department 


Vision statement: Nurturing passionate learners and competent users of MTL languages


Mother Tongue Language Teachers:


Ms Rachel Poh Wee Flang

Head of Department, MTL

Mdm Foo Li Ying, Pauline

Level Head, Chinese Language

Mdm Azizah Shaik Abdul Kadir

Subject Head, Malay Language

Mrs Pappathi Ipiter

Tamil Language Coordinator

Chinese Language Teachers

Ms Aileen Kwek Meei Huey

Level Manager, MIB Coordinator, ICT Mentor

Mrs Alethea Ler-Liaw Sok Hui

CL Teacher

Mdm Liew Weiling

CL Teacher (On Leave)

Mrs Chung Bee Eng

CL Teacher

Mdm Eunice Bor

Subject Head, Environment Education

Mdm He Qiuyan

CL Teacher

Mdm Ho Yoke Lai

CL Teacher

Mdm Law Koon Eng CL Teacher, Allied Educator
Ms Sim Yu Xian CL Teacher
Mdm Sim Bee Kim

CL Teacher

Mr Zhao Houzhi

CL Teacher

Mdm Chen Li Chuan CL Teacher (On leave)
Mdm Li Hong CL Teacher
Ms Ji Pei Fen CL Teacher

Malay Language Teachers

Ms Noor Haida Mohd Jakaria

Level  Manager

Mdm Siti Norliana Othman

Assistant Level Manager

Mdm Razana Abdul Rahman

ML Teacher

Mdm Fauziah Mohd Ali

ML Teacher

Mdm Siti Khairunnisa Ariffin

ML Teacher,CCM Coordinator

Ms Zahidah Binte Admad ML Teacher

Mdm Aminah Amat

ML Teacher, Allied Educator

Tamil Language Teachers

Ms Suguna Gopynathan TL Teacher
Ms Rekha Rajendran TL Teacher
Ms Krishna Veni D/O Rajendran TL Teacher


MTL Department of Chongzheng Primary School


With the Schools’ Vision and Mission underpinning our approaches to student-focused processes, the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) departments of Chongzheng Primary School ensures that our pupils are exposed to various modes of learning that aim to engage their minds and their hearts.

In our efforts to cater to the learning needs of pupils who do not speak Mother Tongue Language at home, the Malay Language (ML) department implements Customization Programmes for P1 and P2 while the Tamil Language (TL) department and Chinese Language (CL) department has implemented a Pull-Out programme for almost all levels. Pupils are selected based on their previous year’s academic results. About 10 pupils from each level are selected to participate in this Pull-Out programme. With a teacher-pupil ratio of 1:10, the learning needs of these pupils are addressed and their progress is closely monitored.

The review that was done last year indicated that the three programmes run by the MTL departments were effective. Thus, we are continuing to run them again in 2014. 

As reading is one of the essential ways towards building competency in a language, the three MTL departments run broad-base Reading programmes for our P1 to P6 pupils. We have been organizing Reading Fiesta as one of the activities for P1 and P2 pupils during MTL Fortnight. Apart from that, the ML department implements Extensive Reading Programme and the CL and TL department implement Let’s Read Programme. With these programmes, we hope to provide more opportunities for our pupils to listen to, speak, read and write in their Mother Tongue languages.

The Mother Tongue Language departments would like to seek your support in the learning of the Mother Tongue language of your child by encouraging your child to speak Mother Tongue language at home. On top of that, you can also encourage your child to read Mother Tongue language books, watch Mother Tongue language TV programmes or surf suitable Mother Tongue language websites. 


For a start, you might want to visit the following websites with your child:


For CL:

http://xuele.moe.edu.sg (For P1-P6 pupils)

http://oracyeland.moe.edu.sg (For P1-P3 pupils only)

http://games.iflashbook.com/ (For P1-P3 pupils only)

http://parents-in-education.moe.gov.sg/primary-education/learning-resources-pri/chinese-language-learning-resources (For parents)

For ML:


http://parents-in-education.moe.gov.sg/primary-education/learning-resources-pri/malay-language-learning-resources (For parents)

For TL: